Summary Of


• JavaScript
• JavaScript Libraries
• Ui/UX Design
• Problem Solver
• Fast Learner
• Resilient Under Stress

Personal & Professional


I'm Cristian, a Self-Taught FrontEnd Developer, with a passion for design. From the moment I built my first ever Ecommerce Website, usign Wordpress and Stripe API, I feel in love with building digital assets.

Ever since I was a child, I always felt that there is something about me...

Something that pushes me to take a decision, make a commitment and pursue my goals relentlessly.

I was not special in any way shape or form...but I always wanted to grow as an individual in all aspects of life:

• Mentally
• Physically
• Spiritually
• Emotionally
• Professionally

"Design is thinking made Visual"

I love this quote as it represents how I feel about WebDevelopment. For me WebDevelopment is the Art of creating DigitalAssets andeverytime I write a line of code, I feel like an artist perfecting his craft.